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The tricolor arrows will surpass the Greek theater in Taormina for the opening of the G7 - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina


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19 May

The tricolor arrows will surpass the Greek theater in Taormina for the opening of the G7

taormina_g7_2017Giardini Naxos – The historic majesty of the monument, the breathtaking view of Giardini Naxos bay with the Etna background and the white-red-green smoke strips of the Tricolor Arrows in the sky. The so-called “family photo”, which immortalizes the big ones participating in the Summit, will be taken to Taormina on the morning of the 26th of May, the opening day of the G7, within the Greek theater where the 20 delegations will be welcomed. It will be a spectacular and certainly unique picture of its kind for the exceptional ambience and scenography. The pilots of the aeronautical patrol of the Italian Air Force will take off from Lamezia airport and drive to Taormina from the north. In this way, and without notice of any noise, they will determine the surprise effect, appearing at the sight of the illustrious guests only at the last moment with the low-flying board at the Theater and then heading towards the bay leaving behind the tricolor strip.

This is just one of the details of the Summit program that should be defined in detail by this week. However, by now, G7: inaugurata la prima elipista di Taorminamost of the work seems to have already been done. Under the direction of the extraordinary commissioner, Prefect Carpino, the two roads of access to the country were paved and coordinated the interventions that, thanks to the work of the fire brigade and the Genoa of the military aeronautics, have enabled the realization in time Record of the two elephants, the completion of the Greek theater’s restoration work and, in some days, the “recovery to the desperate” of the Palacongressi which will host the work of the Summit.

Cadillac-One-di-TrumpAlmost all details of the ceremony were also defined. The task force led by ambassador Alessandro Modiano has already arranged for the various delegations, which altogether will be 20 and will be housed all within the red zone of Taormina. Only the US and Japan (whose delegations far exceed the maximum number of 100 members expected by the organization) will have to set up some delegates at Giardini where the Japanese, at the concluded summit, will stop for twenty days. The staff of President Donald Trump (who – confirmed – will be at the hotel) and his restricted delegation have reserved a building in Timeo, where the Italian delegation will reside, and where, on the evening of 26, President of Republic Sergio Mattarella (who will resume the same evening for Palermo) will offer a gala dinner for 40 people reserved for the ward and their wives.

During the Summit Taormina will be “red zone”, inaccessible to strangers and with heavy restrictions for residents.Militari presidiano l'interno del Teatro Romano-Greco di TaorminaAmbassador Modiano, however, explains: “We are making a great effort because during the Taormina Summit it is not armored but has as much life as possible normal. That’s why we asked traders to keep everything open. Host over 1,500 delegates will be an exceptional opportunity to enhance the territory even in the utmost security. “