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G7 Taormina, the world bows to the great beauty of the Pearl - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina


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27 May

G7 Taormina, the world bows to the great beauty of the Pearl

G7, benvenuto al Teatro Greco di TaorminaG7 in Taormina has become the media and organizational triumph of a city that has enchanted the world, seduced and stunned it with the charm of its indisputable beauty. Media triumph, just like that, is an expression that can be used without and without it, and on the eve of these parts there were not many who would have bet us a euro would be so. Organizational triumph, not for local merit but for the skill of those who have impeccably handled the security machine as a handbook to be given abroad with the instruction manual, with the ability of the Italian delegation who has prepared everything capillary and is Has fallen to the best in the size of the place, and an extraordinary commissioner has revealed this in the facts for having completed in five months jobs that no one in this city has been able to do in the Second Republic. And then the world welcomes the beauty of Taormina, which has been stronger and overwhelming than anything else, capable of wiping out the controversy and taking the stage beyond the mere role of the G7 host country. And then, in a G7 that offered important political content, the absolute protagonist on TV, newspapers and the web became the eighth Mrs. G7: Taormina, the seat of the G7 2017. The human tide of journalists Who followed the event, in the G7 chronicles, has been fascinated by that sky of Sicily and that sea of Taormina that draw the colors and essences of a land that is passion and life. The G7’s 48 hours have written the most prestigious time ever for Taormina, shattering local malumors in the atmosphere of a party that brought the Ionian Pearl back 30 years.

Donald Trump nel corso umberto di TaorminaRed carpet between people. The image of the powerful seven of the planet coming to the Ancient Theater and then Melania e D.Trump alla villa di Taorminawalking on Corso Umberto’s “San Domenico” is an exceptional spot in front of which the whole world could not help but take off the hat. The leaders marching between two crowd wings that accompanied them were the cinematic, quasi-cinematic projection of a red carpet between people and people, in Taormina that a Cinema Festival has but for several years This part has become a luxurious niche thing for work-only people.

Taormina capital. There will be many moments impressed in the mind and heart of all those who have lived this G7, but above all the emotion of the awareness that Taormina has become serious for two capital days of the world. There will be time and a way to make more in-depth reflections, but the morality of the fairy tale in these hours of the “free all” is that he eventually won Taormina. Despite the sprocket who did not think it was alright. Despite the local policy that is not up to the situation and that no doubt, no doubt, can be attributed to it, even because it has not even been too busy spending a single euro from the municipal budget for a G7. True miracles have made them people like Prefect Riccardo Carpino, like the head delegation Alessandro Modiano, like the Prefect Francesca Ferradino, and like Quaestor Giuseppe Cucchiara, and all those Forces of the Order and those Armed Forces who have guaranteed order and security . It is thanks to them that they have rewritten the history of this city, helping to show the world the best face and awakening from the torment of twenty years.