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15 Nov

Taormina is the first G7 on Equal Opportunities in History

Taormina is now the first G7 on Equal Opportunities in History. An appointment that will end tomorrow, where the Big Seven will confront the policies for the development of “woman empowerment”, particularly on the economic side, and the contrast to violence against women.

A Taormina il primo G7 sulle Pari opportunità della storiaTo chair the ministerial meeting, Maria Elena Boschi, Undersecretary of the Council Presidency, with the delegation of equal opportunities. “The first G7 on Equal Opportunities in history has just started in Taormina – writes Boschi on his facebook profile – A ministry closing the Italian Presidency of # G7 and underlining Italy’s and the Government’s commitment to peers Opportunity. An event framed in the beauty of Taormina. A pride of pride for our country. Italy is divided and today it contributes to writing history. ”

“This G7, the first in the history of equal opportunities, is dedicated to women’s rights. They are two important days – added Boschi, who welcomed late government delegations – gathering the mandate of the Great Seven, who met in Taormina last May. “I believe it is an important sign – he added – to have started the semester of Italian presidency in Florence with the G7 of culture and close it here in Taormina with the G7 of Equal Opportunities. Culture and Equal Opportunities are the fifth essence of the Italian semester message that our country leaves to the G7 countries. ”

Present – along with representatives of the governments of Canada, France, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan – European Commissioner for Justice, Consumer Protection and Gender Equality

'family photo' sul Belvedere di Taormina, con il sottosegretario Maria Elena Boschi, in occasione della riunione ministeriale G7 sulle Pari opportunità

‘family photo ‘on the Taormina Belvedere with undersecretary Maria Elena Boschi at the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Equal Opportunities

Jourova. Starting point of the comparison, the road map adopted in Taormina last May by the leaders of the G7. An ambitious action plan aimed at soliciting gender equality and women empowerment strategies, combating abuses and violence. Improve, for example, women’s access to work and decision-making. On this track, the 7 countries will seek consensus by launching new and common gender equality policies. At the margins of the G7 working session, ministerial delegations will visit a center that will assist young women victims of trafficking. Late in the morning, November 16, the final press conference is scheduled.