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1 Sep


24 agosto 2018 etna in eruzioneEtna woke up. The great sleep is over and the giant has started a new episode of Strombolian activity and emission of lava flows in the night between 23 and 24 August 2018. This is confirmed by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology which is studying the eruption underway in the Bocca Nuova, in the Northeast Crater and in the Bocca della Sella.

The mouth is located halfway between the old and the new Southeast Crater: the first was formed in 1971, the second only for about ten years, but both are among the most active of the volcano. The eruption is not endangering anyone, since it is confined to the summit and giving signals since July. No evacuation orders were issued.

The erupting Etna show is pushing towards the volcano many hikers August 24th 2018 24 agosto 2018 etna in eruzione da Taorminaetna erupting from Taorminacon an increase in tourist flows. Many have decided to go to Etna to admire closely the return to activity of the giant who for a long time did not give lava and lapilli to the eye of the people. Also from Taormina several vacationers who in these days are in the capital of Sicilian tourism are planning a stage to Etna. To encourage the desire to go to see the volcano also the inaction of the good weather and the sun, in a summer that from 14 August onwards gave bad weather and rain practically every day, as in memory even the most adults did not happen by a infinity of years.

On Friday morning the local Civil Defense raised the level of risk from “base” to “attention”, only for the municipalities of the summit area. The revival of Etna started last July. The last eruption dates back to April 2017. The volcano is 500 thousand years old, but remains one of the most active in Europe. With its 3,300 meters it is the highest active volcano in continental Europe.