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17 May

His Majesty the Etna! how had never been seen!

neve-maggio-maggio-etna 2019The snow on Etna in the middle of May was expected by few. And instead, this wave of bad weather surprised everyone by returning the white coat to the sides of the “muntagna”. you see the volcano completely cloaked, abundant snowfall occurred due to low temperatures even at an altitude of 1600 meters. snow plows in action to free the access roads, the operators of the Sapienza Refuge who clean up their spaces, in short, a show really unpublished in late spring. Great surprise on social media for the event: in May snow in Sicily is something extraordinary. To show the various photos taken and disseminated through social media that suggest a return of winter in full spring. A month of May, this year, which will certainly remain in history for its abnormal temperatures. According to experts, no similar temperatures were recorded in May for over 50 years.