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Acitrezza - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina


Aci Trezza aerea la Riviera dei CiclopiAci Trezza (Trizza in Sicilian) is a fraction of the town of Aci Castello, in the province of Catania. A fishing village of ancient and remarkable tradition, and it is famous for its scenery.

Its location by the sea makes it possible for the many restaurants in the marina area to offer fresh fish, and that is why the whole area has become famous for the ones that love fish, and Aci Trezza and Capo Mulini have become points of reference for those who wish to taste various kinds of fish.

The scenery of Aci Trezza is dominated by the cliffs of the Cyclops (I Faraglioni dei Ciclopi): aci-i-faraglioni-300x300eight picturesque basaltic rocks that, according to a legend, were thrown by Polyphemus at Ulysses during his escape. Not far from the coast (about 400 m away), is the island Lachea, identified as theHomeric island of Capre, where there is a centre for biology studies belonging to the University of Catania.

Ifaraglioni di AcitrezzaIt is the town where the famous novel I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga (1881) is set, and where, in 1948, Luchino Viscontiand Antonio Pietrangeli filmed The earth trembles based on this novel. This film is a masterpiece of Italian neorealism with local amateur actors. Also in Aci Trezza was filmed part of the Finnish film Rosso (1985).

Not far from the Church of the Patron-saint(Chiesa del Patrono ), according to certain descriptive elements provided by Verga inMalavoglia, stands what has been identified as “the home of the medlar”, the home of the character Padron ‘Nt
. Today this house is a small museum containing objects of maritime tradition and a photographic section dedicated to the Visconti film.