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Calatabiano - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina


In the Valley of Alcantara, in a strategic position between the sea, the volcano Etna and the beautiful bay of Taormina lies the ancient village of Calatabiano. Ideal for summer and winter holidays filled with sea, nature, culture, history and entertainment.calatabiano_01

The name of the village comes from the Arab words Kalaat (castle) and ‘e Bian(probable administrator ). This village is flanked by the Jurassic famous riverAlcantara, also called Akesines , and from here you can easily  reach the most important tourist destinations of easternSicily: the charming Taormina, Giardini Naxos, the mythic and Jurassic Alcantara Gorges , the slopes of Etna, Giarre,Riposto, the towns of Acireale andAcitrezza made famous by the writings of Homer and I Malavoglia of Giovanni Verga, the mythological Mount Etna and the list goes on and on… ..

The nameap_mount_etna_ll_120105_vblog of Arab origin sugge
sts the lineage of the village. The remains of this rule are still visible to visitors who wish to enjoy a walk along a route that, among prickly pear, almond and olive trees, leads up to the ruins of the castle
How can you not be stunned by the ruins of the ancient Arab-Norman castle, which from its dominant position offers a wide view: from the east Castelmola Taormina and Giardini Naxos, up to and perhaps beyondAcireale. In the past the castle belonged to the Aragons and the Swabians, and it has recently been renovated and now houses, in what once were the rooms of the family Cruyllas, a multimedia museum and elegant meeting rooms.

Affected by the terrible earthquake of 1693, the walls of defense still bear the signs of battle. Of great interest is the portal of entry to the castle, consisting of a pointed arch in lava and sandstone blocks topped by corbels, architectural elements typical of that time.

We also suggest that you to visit, besides theArab-Norman castle, the Church of Maria Santissima Annunziata with in front of it astatue of St. Catherine, Church of Jesus and Mary, the baronial castle of St. Marcowhere Francis Ford Coppola turned a scene from the film “The Godfather “, and the San Marco beach ideal for sunbathing to enjoy during the summer days.spiaggia-san-marco-di-calatabiano

… And for all dreamers, why not try to decipher the Arabic script engraved on the portal of the Church of SS. Crucified? Who knows, perhaps you will be able to finally open the door of charm and a white horse, riding with bags of gold coins will appear, just like in the stories you were told as a child. And if you fail to decipher the inscription? No problem, you can still relive the story by participating in the now famous Medieval days, organized in August. During this feast you can participate at the historical procession and the Palio (contests in medieval sports),in the middle of stiltwalkers and fire stunts.