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Colapesce (Nicola il pesce) - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

Colapesce (Nicola il pesce)

Colapescefaro1-249x300There is a legend regarding a young man named Nicola, called Cola. He was the son of a fisherman from Messina, and they called him Colapesce because of his extreme ability to go under water.
Every time that Cola the fish came home from one of his adventures under the sea he would tell of all wonderful things he had seen, and once he even brought home a treasure.

When the King of Sicily, Emperor Fredrick II, heard of the ability of this young man he decided to put him to the test. The King and his court went out at sea on a boat, the King then threw a goblin into the water. Cola the fish dived and brought back the goblin. The King then threw his crown into the water, in a place where the water was even deeper, and Cola the fish dived and brought back the crown too. The third time the King decided to throw one of his rings in a place where the water was even deeper, Cola the fish dived in, time went by, Cola the fish never surfaced.

Legend has it that Cola the fish went so deep that he discovered that Sicily was held by three columns, and he saw that one of these was about to crumble. Cola the fish then decided to stay under water and hold this column so that Sicily wouldn’t go under. Cola the fish is still down there, holding the island of Sicily.