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I Lupinari - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

I Lupinari

The “lupinari” were terrible sorcerers who lived in the borough of Luppineria. Every full moon , they poured into the streets of Castelmola sowing terror and fear. The particularity of these lupinari was that they transformed themselves from human beings into porks and in order to make them turn human again(man or woman) people had to prick them with a blessed nail called “ugghiata“, (taken from a rod of chestnut two meters high), used by villains. These sorcerers lived in the cabin of the big oak and near Giulio Pizzo on Mount Lapa.

It is said that on a full moon in summer two local farmers met the sorcerers at “Pietra Iudio” and they got so scared that they died a couple of days later, after having told their families about the scary encounter.

This legend remains in stories told by the elder, even if it is slowly being erased from popular memory.