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Le sirene di Sirina - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

Le sirene di Sirina

Below the hill of Mola runs a small river that ends in the sea. This small river is called Sirina or Sifone(this second name comes from the sound made by the water). The mostly used name, Sirina, comes from the fact that the beauty and the echoes of this river made the inhabitants of Castelmolathink that mermaids lived there.

These popular beliefs created a legend:

“Down in the valley, in the middle of the rocks of Castelmola, the hill of Mastrissa and of Curria, murmurs the river Sirina, the biggest spring in the area.

It is a night of full moon. The water sparkles of silver, the shadows have a tremor of mystery.
A sweet chant rises, soft, nostalgic.

There comes: down from the emerald caves, a strange group, producing a melodic harmony of many voices, melody that reaches all the boroughs and the town of Castelmola.

Just like in the town of Hamelin, attracted by the sound of the magic piffero all the children went out in the streets to follow the mysterious stranger, who would lead them beyond the hill, taking them to another life, but far away from their families, just like them all the beautiful young men and women of Castelmola went down to this dreamy paradise.

No one remembers their return: transformed into mermaids, and went on to live, or die, in that enchanting place.

Every night the melody of the mermaids renews, with the sound of the water and the chants of numerous nightingales that came from far away in the month of April.”