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17 May

His Majesty the Etna! how had never been seen!

The snow on Etna in the middle of May was expected by few. And instead, this wave of bad weather surprised everyone by returning the white coat to the sides of the “muntagna”. you see the volcano completely cloaked, abundant snowfall occurred...
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28 Dec

His majesty Etna, awakens Christmas Eve

On the eve of Christmas Etna returns to be heard: it is erupting: sudden explosion from the main crater of the volcano at 3300 meters above sea level. The explosion follows the Strombolian activity of the New Southeast Crater of the Volcano....
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29 May

Taormina is now the capital of the world

The choice. Renzi’s message. “Good work for President Gentiloni and all the leaders of the G7. I am very happy that Taormina can – at least for today and tomorrow – be one of the capitals of the world. The summit was...
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