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Roccalumera - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina


Roccalumera is a seaside resort located half-way between Taormina and Messina. Like a balcony on the Strait of Messina, this town marks the beginning of this strait. The colour of blue of the sea has its counterpart in the green of the panoramic hills, and these hills seem dotted with the yellow of the lemon trees that spread their perfume in the air.

Roccalumera is the town, The Incomparable Land, of Salvatore Quasimodo, the poet that won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959. His family lived in Roccalumera, and is was from here that Quasimodo got his poetic inspiration for his marvellous works. His work Vicolo (the Alley) was inspired by the ancient fishermen-district Baglio, district that is located on the old Consolare Valeria Street. In another of his works, Vicino ad una Torre Saracena (Near a Saracen Tower), the poet was inspired by an ancient Arab watchtower. He was also inspired by the alum mines, the district where he was baptized.

In Roccalumera a Literary Park that bears the name of Salvatore Quasimodo has been founded. The Park is located at the Old Railway Station and in The Saracen Tower. The Park offers guided visits that gives you the possibility of a marvellous immersion into the fascinating local history, and of course into the life of the poet and his family, with the aid of direct testimonies put together from the stories of his son, actor and director Alessandro Quasimodo, from the sister Rosina, wife of Elio Vittorini, as well as from family-members from Roccalumera.

Here the most alive tradition relives through the Poeta verses.

The Literary Park is an attraction for famous personalities in modern literature and people of high rank such as:

Viktoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, who was awarded the title of Honorary Friend of Salvatore Quasimodo, as well as

Filiberto, Prince of Savoy

This is a unique excursion not to be missed.

For further information www.parcoquasimodo.it