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The cyclops - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

The cyclops

The inhabitants of Castelmola have their own theory about how their town was founded. According to a legend the town-walls were built by no other than Ham, son of Noah, after having managed to send away his brotciclopeher Japheth from Sicily. The town belong to the descendants of Ham and his people from that moment.

The Cyclops that lived around Mount Etna loved to stroll in these hills, and it surely didn’t take them long to get here. A beautiful walk in the middle of hills and sea, and they would often grab the peak of a hill and use them as benches to sit on, to be able to admire the beauty of nature and rest their tired bodies. The Cyclops had another hobby: they would compete at throwing hill-peaks into the sea, all along the Ionian coast, in order to create more beauty along bays and beaches. The waves would hit these rocks, surrounded by a crystal sea.

Legend has it that Cape Sant Andre
a, between Mazzarò and Isola Bella, was made of the peak of Mount Ziretto, thrown down just for fun by a Cyclop.