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The Legend of Sicily - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

The Legend of Sicily

There are many ancient legend about our island, legends that tell of the primitive men that lived here. One of these legends date from the Byzantine rule and is called the Legend of Sicily.

This legend was born to give an explanation to the island name Sicily (its ancient name was Trinacria land of the three capes). golfo-di-naxos-300x225It tells the story of a beautiful Lebanese princess, whose name was Sicily. An oracle had predicted that before she became 15 years old she was to leave her country alone in a boat, and if she did not do so she would end up in the jaws of the monster “Greek-east” that would have appeared under the terrible form of the cat-monster.

To avoid this terrible fate, upon the completion of the fifteenth year of age of the princess, her parents, crying and desperate with pain, put her in a boat and entrusted it to the waves.

After three months adrift at sea the poor princess Sicily believed that her life had come to an end, since there was no more food or water. Her boat was taken by good winds upon a gorgeous beach at the slopes of Etna – this beach consisted of lumps lava and golden sand, full of flowers and fruits, but completely deserted and lonely.

The young princess was in despair and cried until she no longer had tears, when suddenly a young beautiful man appears next to hear, to give her comfort and love.veliero-5-alberi-300x200

The young boy explained that the islanders had all died of plague, and that fate had chosen him and princess Sicily to repopulate the island with a stronger and kinder breed.

Just him and her, two young and beautiful humans,,, things could not have turned out better, and you can imagine how happy they were.

Sicily did indeed marry this young man, who was really capable and brave, with the looks of a true knight.

Being now king of the entire kingdom, a kingdom filled with so many treasures and with all that that land was producing, he was glad and esteemed Sicily as the apple of his eye. Because of this he wished to call their land Sicily, and this has been its name ever since then.