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The legend of the two brothers Alcantara - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

The legend of the two brothers Alcantara

Once upon a time, the Alcantara river was a quiet river, it ran calmly in its placid bed, there were no tosses, rapids or jumps. Thanks to the river the whole valley was fertile. Only the men were evil: they harmed each other and did not respect nature.

In the valley lived two brothers, together they grew wheat in a field. One of the two was blind.
When it was time to split the crop the healthy brother was supposed to split equally one bucketful for him and one for his brother. The healthy brother got wicked and decided to split so that most of the crop became his. An eagle was flying over them, it saw everything and told what he had seen to the Lord. The Lord got furious and struck the cheating brother with lightning and killed him.

This lightning also struck the huge part of the crop thaNike di Giardini Naxost the evil brother had put away for himself, and this pile of wheat turned into a red mountain, out of which came a red river of lava that found its way through the valley and down to the sea.


When Neptune saw this river of lava about to reach the water he stopped it with his hands the precise point was in Giardini-Naxos, and on the lava-rocks there is today a sculpture representing the wings of victory Nike. Since Neptune had stopped the river of lava it had nowhere to go, and so an abyss opened up in the valley of Alcantara and all the lava was sucked down.

The lava that remained on the walls of the abyss cooled and became hard as steel theses walls are the Gorges of Alcantara.