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What about the Greek colonizers? - Case Vacanze in Giardini Naxos & Taormina

What about the Greek colonizers?

Legend has it that the first Greek to arrive by sea in Giardini-Naxos was Teocle.
He arrived in 736 B.C., the first yeaetrus1r of the 11th Olympic Games.
He came on a ship with a bosun that didn’t cook well the liver of a sacrifical victim before serving it to Neptune, god of the sea. Neptune became so infuriated that he “moved the waves and struck the fragile wooden-ship”. All on board perished except for one, Teocle, who managed to survive by holding on to a piece of wood, and the waves brought him to the shore. Neptune saw the sinking, but choose to let Teocle live.
If  Teocle really existed, and if that was his real name, we don’t know. What we know for sure is that a Greek arrived on the shore of Giardini after his ship sunk, is a historical fact.
This same Greek was so impressed by the beauty of our bay, with its splendid view of Mount Etna,
that when he returned to his homeland he convinced Timeo and Tysandros(two of his dear friends),
their families and other people to follow him back to Giardini and live there.
Teocle and his two friends and families all went to stay in via Piave nr 11.
Happy to have found a place where hospitality and wellbeing reigned, they weren’t embarrassed to ask the landlord to name the apartments where they had stayed during their brief holiday after them, and the landlord gladly accepted.

The landlord therefore named his apartments:
Mansard Timeo
Apartment Teocle
Studio Tysandros
in honor of the families that had lived there.

Upon their leave, these families swore not to turn around after having left our building, to avoid nostalgia of this enchanting place, but it was impossible! Once they turned around to look at our beautiful bay and the view of Mount Etna again they became so enchanted by all the beautiful places that they asked the great ZEUS, the God of all Gods, sovereign of the Olimpo, the God of
the skies and the thunder, if they could call this marvellous place NAXOS, the name of their hometown. Zeus, seeing how happy they were, said yes, but at one condition:
they could name this place, but they had to keep its original name, GIARDINI.
When the landlord found out that ZEUS had accepted the request to call the town NAXOS,
he decided that from now on his building should be called “Casa Vacanze NAXOS”.

All the above is an imaginary story!