When God creates Italy

Italy_at_night_largeFinally the Sun finally the Sea … two elements that make the “Bel Paese” Italy one of the most beautiful places in the world, where you can spend a summer filled with relaxation, entertainment,culture and well being.

When God created the world, wanted a small part of the Earth where all the beauty of his creation could meet. What he wanted was a place bordered by three beautiful seas and guarded by high mountainsand sparkling glaciers.

He wanted it to be filled with dense forests and streams, full of in green pastures, jewel-blue lakes, irrigated by rivers and their crystal clear sound.
He wished for it to be full of wheat, olives and vines, lemons and oranges, and peaches and applesand pears.
He wanted it to be rich in fertile valleys, dotted with charming and beautiful towns.
He wanted it to be rich in monuments, works of art and historical places.
He wanted it to be inhabited by a people of sober workers that would give to the world the greatestsaints, the greatest artists and the greatest heroes.
He wished that men and women were really able to lead an inimitable fashion.
He wished that men and women were truly capable of giving great emotions.
He wished that men and women were truly imitated for their lifestyle.

He wanted two nearby islands, and one in particular should have three points and it should be called Trinacria and it was surrounded by as many three seas, and a tip of the island would be very close to Mother Earth.

God wanted all of this. . . And thus was created Italy, beautiful Italy, Italy ours. And Sicily is part of this earth!

Now look carefully at position of Sicily: it is precisely. . .Seleziona i file

The center of the Mediterranean Sea!

Now, you should know that this sea has at all times been of tremendous importance: so great that people that lived along its coasts could only become truly powerful if they were able to master this sea and navigate in its waters.spiaggie-Italiane

During the course of history, various people who were successful, and throughout one or another rule, there was Sicily, placed as it is in the midst of that sea, it became an object of conquest for all of those people.

Oh my goodness! But then the Sicilians are not. . . Sicilians are. .. all those people combined!

Well, now you’re exaggerating! The Sicilians are Sicilians, no doubt! But there is some truth in what you say, because each of those people left on the island signs of their civilization, their customs, art, etc. All this heritage has always fused together wonderfully, creating in time, one civilization that is precisely the Sicilian one.

As close as it is to Italy, however, Sicily has mainly absorbed, in every age, the great Italian civilization.
Alba sulla baia di Taormina con l'IsolabellaIn the last century Sicily even came to be part of the History of Italy, in such a complete and vivid way ,that it is no longer possible to think of one without the other. Indeed, today, even if someone claims to the contrary, Italy can not do without its Sicily,just as Sicily can not do without “its Italy.”

We conclude, recalling that Sicily is one of the most fascinating countries not only for the charm of its nature, the mild climate and for its artistic treasures.

It knows how to offer, to the tourists whovisit it with love, the splendor of its soul, and that is that complex of habits, customs and traditions that form its most intimate and precious part of life.

… and in the end you will get lost in thoughts and realize that maybe just a holiday is not enough.