The climate of Sicily

A mythological story says that on a spring day the God Pluto, king of the underworld and brother of Jupiter, emerged from a cave near Mount Venus, the mountain that overlooks the medieval town of Castelmola, which in turn is a few kilometers above the mythical Taormina.

Pluto was impressed by a wonderful vision: in the middle of the fields, a young and very beautiful girl, with golden long abduction-proserpina-200x300hair, wearing only a thin transparent veil, danced and ran throughout the field – it was the young Proserpine, a beautiful nymph, beloved daughter of the goddess Ceres, goddess who ruled and protected the Earth, which, together with the nymphs who accompanied her, picked colorful and wonderfully smelling flowers.

Pluto saw her and fell in love, he took her and brought her with him down to hell in one instant. The rape was so sudden that no one was able to give any indications to her mother Ceres, which for three days and three nights searched for Proserpine, throughout the land, making light in the night with a pine tree that she had uprooted and lit in the crater of Etna.
After three days of fruitless search, Ceres became angry and began to cause suffering to the people ofSicily, by causing drought, famine and pestilence. The people men then turned toJupiter, begging him to find a solution, andJupiter, who was very touched by this strange situation, thought of a solution that would not harm anyone. Finally Jupiter came up with a solution: he decided that Proserpine would be on earth for eight months of the year , from March to October, along with her mother, the goddess Ceres, and for four months, from November to February, Proserpine would be in the underworld with her husband Pluto, and this is why Sicily only has two seasons.